Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hiding in Plain View

I love how this card came out. I did this for Survivor 3 contest on Stamp-Shack. I stamped the face (Judkins) on a plain white cardstock. I then stamped a ton of the little green fern leaf using Jungle Green ink by Marvy (Rubber Stamp Tapestry). I alternated the two leaf stamps trying to blend the two images. HINT: Stamp the image three times. This gives a softer image to the 2nd and 3rd stamping. Once I was happy with the coverage I had with the leaves, I colored the lips and eye lids with Ochre (Marvy) using a q-tip. I added yellow green ink (Marvy) to the eyes. Boy did this make the image pop. Then I used Judkins color dusters and picked up Ochre (Marvy) and swirled it around the image with a heavier concentration of the color at the edges leaving the face clear of any color. This card required some skill and a some luck. For me, I think I got quite lucky!

Trick or ...ah...Treat!

Here's a Walk Through on how I did this ATC.

This is one of my favorite images that I picked up at a Stamping Convention. The image is from "TooMuchFun" Rubber Stamps. It's all colored in watercolors with hand drawn bricks and spider web. The kids are raised for a 3D effect.

Stamp the image using Versamark Black Ink on white cardstock. This gave me the clearest details.

I used water colors to color this image, but you can use any medium you are comfortable with. The area around the door is colored in an orange/brown color. I went back and darkened around the edges with the same color. The door is done in dark brown and the knocker in black. The window is done in yellow, shaded in orange. I didn't bother with the door knob because it'll get covered. The bumble bee is done in yellow, shaded with orange. The bear is done in a light brown, shaded with a dark brown and the princess is done in pink and shaded with purple. Once the kids are colored, cut them out very carefully, especially around the little bumble bee's antenna.

I drew the bricks to add more texture to the outside of the door. It felt like it was missing something, so I added the spiderweb. This web looks a bit skinny, so if you look at the finished ATC, I went back and added another line...must be a big spider living here! Then I used some pop dots and attached the kids giving them a finished 3D effect.


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