Friday, May 6, 2011

Helping Hands for Japan

I know it's been a long time posting.  It took me a while to get myself together and create after the oldest left.  I think I was a bit depressed.  But then the holidays showed up and all was well.  However, on January 1st, I messed up my knee and between the meds, the doctor visits and therapy, it has been a bit draining.  I have been creating some though and I'll update my blog here very soon.

One of the artworks I did do was this hand.  Robbygirl on Atcsforall has organized a silent auction to help the people of Japan.  She asked for donations of "helping hands".  We used our own hand as a template and then decorated the front and back.  The front of the hand I did has an Indian woman's image and the words on the fingers say
Little Finger: Faith
Ring Finger: Love
Middle Finger: Strength
Index Finger: Peace
Thumb:  Happiness
Wrist:  Om (the sound of the universe)

The back of the hand is done in a traditional henna design.

The hands will go up for auction on May 6th from 5-7 Pacific time.  All proceeds will then be donated.  I'm so thrilled and honored to be able to use my art in such a fantastic way.  Here's a link to all the hands.  Mine is #76 on page 5.


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