Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

The kids are back in school today. I should be happy that I've got tons of me time again, but I'm really so sad. I never could handle the first day of school well. The kids are excited, but now I'm so lonely. The house is quite, and there no pitter patter of little and big feet. No legos on the floors, no little mattel cars to walk over. No music blaring from my teenager's room. Man, I can hear myself rattling around this house. No one to make breakfast for. I always feel like crying and actually do cry on the first day of school. I know that's kind of dorky of me, but I know I'll be fine in a couple of days just today is hard. I never can stay in the house, so I booked myself a pedicure and a facial. Hey, that aught to cheer me up!!


Kim H. said...

Sorry you are sad, I am sure I will be right there with oldest starts Kindergarten on Sept 2 :( I am sure it will be much different with only one in the house! Enjoy the pedicure and facial!


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