Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whimsical Marie Antoinette

These three were done for a "Whimsical Marie Antoinette" hand drawn/painted swap. I was pretty excited to do these. Not sure why. Not as if I watched the movie or knew much about the ill fated queen, but something made me want to do this swap. So I signed up for it. Now, here's the kicker! I joined on 4th of July. We went to our local fair grounds to watch the fireworks. We had about 3 hours of wait time and I drew all three of them fairly quickly before it got dark. As I said, I was pretty inspired. Not sure I've ever drawn so many cards so quickly before. Then we went home and packed for our trip to disneyworld starting the next day!! I thought I'd be back in time to color them and mail them out. Nope, didn't work out that way. By the time we got back, they were due in 4 days. So, I got them colored and priorty mailed them out! Hopefully, the hostess will have them in time.

When I showed my husband these, he wanted to know what "whimsical" meant. Hmm....I didn't know how to explain it. So, I looked it up. Here's what the dictionary says..."fanciful, odd, funny, unusual, peculiar, eccentric, queer, flaky..." The more I read these adjectives, the more I'm loving this word. I'm not sure my queens are eccentric or peculiar or flaky enough, but, they're whimsical. Right?

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Blue Angels

Recently our local Naval Base had their air show. Which was spectacular. There were lots of acrobatics in the air, some on the runway, and lots of food vendors. The traffic coming into the base took 1.5 hrs, where normally it takes 15 mins. Needless to say, we missed closeups of a few of the attactions. But because most of them are aerial displays, we were able to watch much of it from the car!! My favorites and most likely everyone else's there too, are the Blue Angels. The Navy's premier acrobatic team. It's a six man/plane team, with #7 being the spare. It's simply amazing to watch these jets zoom by each other at high speed and miss each other. They flew straight up, in formation, upside down and sideways. It was skill and grace in the air. I loved it. Here's a little of what we saw. I look forward to when they will be back again.


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