Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Inchie Faces

Another set of inchies! These little pieces are more addictive than I thought. Though, trying to color those little eyes is a bit neurotic! I did these for a swap on ATCsforall. I've drawn nearly 30 faces, but so far, these are all I've colored in. I've used mostly acrylics for the faces, except for the blue haired fairy and the little imp on the bottom left. Those I colored with prismacolored pencils. For me, the pencils were harder to get the saturation I wanted and didn't give the smoothness of color that I liked. These little pieces of art are easy to draw when watching my little guy practise his soccer game. And since they're only 1" x 1", there isn't that much detailing needed in the background. My fav. is the little girl peeking over the fence. How about you? Which one strikes you the most?


Anonymous said...

OMG these are all adorable! I love the girl in pigtails! You are so talented my friend!

christie said...

Renu, these are great!!! I just love them all!!!!

Mrs. Fence said...

you are such a talented artist! Love the girl looking over the fence :)

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! I can't believe you were able to create such great expressions on these little pieces. You've inspired me to give this a try.


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