Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wizards and Elves

Sometimes a card just comes together, and at other times, it takes...well, till well, forever! The first wizard (in blues) came through fairly easily. But this swap required four cards and I just couldn't figure out the others. I researched and researched and nothing seemed to work for me. So when the pressure of the deadline was making me twitchy, my muse finally came back from vacation!!! Sitting in the car watching my youngest at soccer practise, I drew the second wizard (in purple). The beauty of that wizard is, that the two look like they're talking so I drew the background path to match up. Then when I took the same youngest to chick-fil-a for dinner (hey got me out of dinner duty), I drew the old elf in the tree and a second elf. I came home and since I'd had dinner too (well, I've got no will power when it comes to those waffle fries), I sat down and drew the third one (sleeping below the tree). I don't think I've ever drawn four full cards in one day, let alone in such a short period of time. The other elf, I'm sooo in love with, I'll have to take my time coloring it. Hopefully, I've done justice to these pieces and will do so on the other elf too.


Anonymous said...

Holey BUCKETS! This are awesome! I can't believe you did them all in one day! WOW, you are so talent!

Mary said...

Oh, I really love these!


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