Sunday, April 18, 2010

Watercolors 10 minute Challenge ATC

I've had a bit of a creative block going lately.  Same story as so many, too many things happening and not enough time or more precisely energy left to create for self.  I'm lucky enough to be going to an artistic get together again this year in NY and wanted to get some cards made to trade.  So, trying to get out of my creative funk, I tried something I'd read some time ago about watercoloring in 10 minutes.  Basic concept is to plop down layers of color without thinking about it.  After the first 2-3 washes of color, start looking for a face shape and adding more colors with that in mind.  Once the colors are laid down, draw a face with what you've got.
I laid down quite a bit of layers of watercolors and thought I was ending up with an Indian Chief with feathers!  As you can see, once I started to ink the drawing, nary a feather in sight!!!  This face was a bit of a surprise for me, because I rarely do faces that aren't facing totally front.  So any kind of angle in the face is a new thing for me.  Unlike acrylics or oils, because this is in watercolors, I don't think the scan or the photos do justice to the translucency of the colors in the real card.
The exercise did do the job though.  I feel my creative mojo back again and can't wait to get the laundry and the cooking and the cleaning done, so I can get back to my art room! lol


Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens and stars...this is totally RAD-AWESOME! Yes, I was a teen in the 80's! SMILE! I love watercolors! My favorite medium by far! You totally ROCK at faces! I need work! You all inspire me!

Tami B. said...

You need to let the laundry sit for a day and keep painting. This is amazing, Renu.


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