Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing with Henna (Mehndi)

I've been wanting to do a Mehndi (henna) design on my hand for a long time. So, I finally bought some and tried it out on my hand. This is my first attempt. There are tons of sample designs on the net. Mehndi is the Indian name for henna. Mehndi is made from dried leaves (not sure from what plant). The dried leaves are then crushed and the powder is sold to consumers. When ready to apply, the powder is mixed with water and a few drops of oil to form a paste. when I was younger, this paste was applied with toothpicks, homemade tools, etc. The pros would take large leaves and roll them like bags, but not everyone could use these leaf bags well. Then someone got brilliant and put the paste in pastry bags!! Now, the designs are so much more detailed and anyone can do them, including me! The longer I leave the paste, the deeper the color and the longer the design will last. I plan on leaving it on for a few hours. That's not a hardship at all, it gets me out of housework!

I'm liking this so much, Iwent ahead and did the back of my hand too.


Anonymous said...

OMG this is totally gorgeous! I have wanted to get a Henna tat for the longest time! Gorgoeus work!!!!!

Tami B. said...

This is amazing and even more amazing is that you created it on your own hand. Really cool!

messyfish said...

I love this, and your handwork is wonderful!


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