Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you an Artist or a Crafter

To be or not to be, an Artist or a Crafter. That is the question or in some cases the dilemma. I ponder this question often when I'm signing my work. Am I really an artist, or a crafter. I've painted, stamped, stitched, sculpted and glued most of my adult life. I've worked with wood, canvas, cloth, clay and paper... So, who am I and what is really the difference. I think I've finally figured it out. Perspective. In the eye of the creator and in the eye of the beholder. By definition from Webster dictionary, a crafter is someone who is a creator of great skill in the manual arts. An artist is a person who creates art. Having read that definition and countless others, I can see why it's clear as mud what the differences are! In one definition I read, the difference was the formal training between the craftsman and the artist. Now, that I think might be the true difference. If I'd gone to a four year collage and majored in art, would I then have the confidence to call myself an artist. Not having done that, does that then mean I'm any less of an artist. I think not. I did years of "craft shows", some of which were juried "art shows". I spent countless hours improving my skills. I sign all my artwork because it's my creation. So I must be an Artist. Now does that make me any less of a craftsman. Well, going by the definition, I create with great skill in the manual arts. So here's my Ah Ha moment, I must be a Crafty Artist! lol


Kim H. said...

I have pondered this question myself Renu! I know you are a very talented Artist!

Traci G said...

Very good question Renu!! I agree with Kim that you are most DEFINITELY an artist!!!!!

Tami Bayer said...

Fantastic post. Love all the thought that goes into it. I call the room where I create my craft room, maybe I should change it's title to studio which sounds more artsy.

Deb said...

An artist is one who creates from the soul. You are an artist, your works prove that.


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