Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September's Collage-A-thon

I joined a group of traders that do a Collage-A-thon nearly every month. For September, I really thought I'd get a lot of cards done. Afterall, it was a 3 day weekend. But as holiday weekends usually go, everyone seemed to have plans that included me. My oldest had an all day concert he went to. Once out, seemed like DH and the youngest DS had shopping plans and lunch plans. I did manage to get some time and make just four ATCs on Saturday. These are all made from wall paper cutouts, stamping and punches. The backgrounds are colored with inks. Not quite traditional collages, I think, but fun nevertheless. I have a ton of mess on my table expecting to make more on Sunday or Monday, but again, things were planned with other family members, and I just didn't get to my table to play at night. Oh well, now I'll have more cutouts and items ready to play with for the next one!


Kim H. said...

These are so cute! You did a wonderful job with them! I love that you did a series of these little girls! I thought I would get more done this weekend but it just did not happen!

Tami Bayer said...

These are so adorable, Renu. They are definitely collages. Fun stuff. My family has plans for me often, too. Wouldn't trade the time with them for anything, though.

Beth Norman said...

I remember these from the shack. They all blow me away.


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