Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm so excited!!

We have our local county fair this weekend. I've never entered anything in it before, but this year I decided to enter photos and some artwork. I entered a few for myself and three photos for my DS. Out of all my pics, I won 3rd place in the black and white category. It's a pic of the Abbey behind the Royal Palace in Edinborugh, Scotland. It was a rainy day and pretty overcast, but, the Palace and the Abbey was just gorgeous. I won 2nd place in all my other three entries. However, I didn't take any pics. As soon as I get them back, you know I'll be posting pics.

My son took the other two pics. One is of crimson tiger lillies taken at the Pike Market in Seattle and the other is one of the mountain ranges we saw during our cruise of Alaska. He entered the Junior categories for Nature and black White. He won First place in both categories! Here's the sweet part. He won the overall Junior Champion because of his pic of those tiger lillies.

For our first time ever entering any photo competition, I'm so thrilled. Now to enter a few more!


Kim H. said...

Congratulations! You both did a wonderful job! Gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and they are wonderful photos.

Traci G said...

These are really awesome photos!!! This is very exciting news, and very well deserved!

Far North said...

Congratulations Renu for being acknowledged for you and your son's stunning photography!

Deborah March said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you both...such artsy folks!! :)

Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

Love the photos, they are stunning. And I really love the crimson lilies!


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