Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

I received this fantastic award from Jan. It's an incredible feeling to know that not only did a friend stop by and leave a comment, but they left you an award too. Thank you. I'd like to pass this award along to some of my favorite bloggers:

Kim: She has a very creative and eclectic style. Her collages are beautiful and look so effortless. Unless, of course, I'm trying to do it! I've got one of her ATCs as a magnet on my refrigerator and just love it.

Ethel: I absolutely think she's the queen of vintage. Her cards are timeless and elegant.

Christie: She always seems to be experimenting with something new and fun. Due to Ike, she's had some damage, but I pray that she'll be back and creating very soon.

Beth: She's always got terrific tutorials on her blog. They're easy to follow and her examples are fantastic.

Julie: I just love her journals. They're fun and quirky. Definitely an artistic style I gravitate towards.

Debbie: She does fantastic coloring and her monday comics are a must check.

Deborah: I think her cards are always so polished! I'd case everyone if I could.

1. Pick 7 of your favorite blogs
2. Winners can put the logo on their blog.
3. Link the person who gave your award to your blog.
4. Name the 7 that you are giving the award to with their links.
5. Leave a message on their blogs so that they know they've won!


Kim H. said...

Oh Renu thank you for the award! You are so sweet!

Debbie, said...

Thank you for the award, Renu. How have I missed your blog all this time? You are awesome, girl!!! I'm sitting here with my mouth open thinking, "I didn't know she could paint. She is fantastic!" I am adding you to my feed list for sure! That sunflower knocked my socks right off!

Beth Norman said...

You sweetie you. Thank you for the nomination!

Deborah March said...

Aaawww, THANK YOU for this!!!


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